The Original THANKSBLOCK 44
(Single Pack)
Exclusively for ONLY $19.99 $24.99 -20% OFF-


A Customizable Packaging Solution
for smart sellers and savvy givers
that can even be reused to reshare things forward
and start a simple *Chain Reaction* that drives Sustainability 


//make.$$ or //save.$$ and //unbox.CREATIVITY

Turn Ordinary Things or Products into Smart Experiences
2 x Profits, 5 x Reach, and 10 x Sustainability

Large corporations spend millions of dollars every year on making sure that their products are a part of a larger story, a bigger image, and that they stand out from the crowd. Not only is "storytelling" a secret formula to increase customer engagement, but it's an investment that immediately pays back by increasing the perceived dollar value of the product. Smart online sellers are already using this tactic to increase their profits, improve their reach, and drive unprecedented loyalty. With THANKSBLOCK, we are bringing this game to the next level and democratizing these essential tricks and hacks. Because everyone, everywhere, deserves Financial Freedom.   

Fact: Most people think that the Holiday Season is a popular shopping time of the year by tradition. Well, guess again. The "art of gifting" is the most powerful branding tactic that has the power to not only drive PROFITS, but also drive incredible SAVINGS. 

Start making more cash and saving real dollars by //unboxing.CREATIVITY  

Imagine a future where ordinary people aren't just "consumers" but better builders, makers, and engineers of great and unforgettable experiences.

So, don't be a consumer, be a REVOLUTIONARY. And start building and sharing better ideas that drive better wealth and better connection.

Because the future deserves better, and we all deserve a better future.

Join us in Fighting For a Better Future (#FFBF), welcome to the REVOLUTION.

In a world that's becoming more and more Artificial, everyday micro-entrepreneurs are real heroes in disguise // They truly drive change by doing, not just talking...

THANKSBLOCK 44 // The Ultra-Sustainable *Hackable* Gift Kit //
Exclusively for ONLY $19.99 $24.99 -20% OFF-
Engineered to be effective, smart, agile, and clever + FREE
BONUS Justhanks WRISTBAND (It Works)
For sellers starting out or just warming up. Imagine the possibilities. Set of 10.
For sellers that know how to get the deals done. Smooth and steady. Set of 20 units.
For sellers that really know what they are doing. Simply professional. Pro Set of 50.
She sources her raw materials from local thrift stores, garage sales, and second-hand boutiques, to be creative + Building unboxing experiences on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN
He sources his raw materials from local junk yards and craft suppliers, while repurposing stuff to save the planet + Building unboxing experiences on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN
He sources his inputs from local manufacturers that have leftover materials, while rethinking sustainability + Building unboxing experiences on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN
She sources her materials from old garments in her closet, to redefine consumerism + Building unboxing experiences on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN
She sources her parts and pieces from leftover holiday ornaments, while making new crafts for next season + Building unboxing experiences on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN
He sources his materials from garage sales in his community, to make sure that nothing goes to waste + Building unboxing experiences on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN
She sources her raw inputs from driftwood found on her local shores, because nature inspires her art + Building unboxing experiences on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN
He sources his steel parts from junkyards and welding shops, while doing what he loves for a living + Building unboxing experiences on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN

Using the THANKSBLOCK KIT anyone can easily build their own unique unboxing experience on e-commerce platforms such as:

The Hackable Gift Kit - Designed for real life hacking:

I went from selling $3 dollar handcrafts to selling $30 dollar theme-based gift kits for niche customers instantly, that's more than 10x profits with the same product. Unfair.  
My kids loved their birthday gifts and I didn't even spend a dime. It all came from leftover unwanted gifts we had sitting in the basement for years. The experiences we built were so unique, definitely unforgettable - P.S: Never buying brand new gifts again.
Not only did I instantly increase reach with every product I sent out, since it's always going out to not only my customer but as a gift to their friends, family, and coworkers... and each time it gets unboxed it happens during a party and everyone is talking about my product and sharing the experience on social media. How simple is that. Thanks, or simply #Justhanks
Definitely increased the profit margin by an insane amount (Wow!!). Boosted my reach exponentially through social exposure, no doubt. But heck, I don't even have to buy my own shipping supplies any more, all included... That's real savings right there, a cool bonus for sure. Pays for itself. Sweet.

We love getting these messages...

I am now designing "gifting experiences" part-time and only on weekends. This covers all my bills and living expenses. More time with the kids, love it.
I can now simply deliver and drop off the merch on any doorstep or porch, especially when the customer is not home :-) Saving time and making money. Cha-ching = $$
I am actually building a unique brand from home and don't even have to show my pretty face on YouTube. Total privacy with total exposure. That is a *killer hack*. Smart.